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A guide to the games industry

How to become a game developer

Looking to pursue a career in the game development industry? No matter if you’re still studying, or if you’re a professional looking to make a career change, we got you covered - here’s most of what you need to know to get into the games industry!

However, first of all, congratulations on a good choice if you also want to join a creative industry that tells encapsulating stories, uses cutting edge technology, and entertains millions of people around the world - the game development industry will be happy to have you onboard!


What the game devs say

It’s a cliché, but worth repeating: There is not one correct way to get into the games industry, every journey is unique. However, almost everyone working in games has one thing in common - the passion for games and/or creativity. So if you have some of that, you’re already on the right path.

Find out how some local game developers got started, and what they do now:

Penelope Dovichi
Penelope Dovichi
Lead & Senior Level Designer at IO Interactive

Pro tip

A great way to get into game development is to marinate yourself in game development, for instance by attending events to listen to talks and to network, reading devlogs or articles, listening to podcasts or videocasts, watch tutorials, and joining relevant Discord channels. Basically, familiarize yourself with the industry, and also perhaps find your future niche or employer. And of course, don’t forget to play around with the professional tools in your spare time - we can’t recommend this enough!

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