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Game Habitat is a community-focused non-profit member organization. Our mission is to create, nurture, and grow a thriving, supportive, and inclusive ecosystem for game development in South Sweden. As a member, you are essential in supporting game development in the region and enabling us to continue our work. All game development-related companies in South Sweden are welcome as members.

What you get


Special events, tailor-made programs, networks, and skill development sessions.


Friends for life as part of the tight-knit south Swedish games industry community.


Discounts, and opportunities to join international delegations and industry conferences.


Game Habitat is a member organization, and members take part in shaping our work.


Exposure for your company.


Gratitude of all current and future game developers in South Sweden.

Membership tiers

If you believe in our work, join us! We have four membership tiers to choose from, which one is right for you depends on how much you can and want to contribute - we leave that decision in your hands.

Giving thumbs up
3 000 SEK/year

Maybe you’re just getting started in game development, freelancing, or similarly, but still want to contribute and be part of the family - Friend, this one's for you!

Wearing a hat
16 000 SEK/year

You’ve perhaps released your first game, product, or service, are starting to have a steady cash flow, or just want to give back more to the community by becoming a Patron!

Martial arts
32 000 SEK/year

Things might really work out for your company, and you’ve reached a level of success where you can and want to become a community Benefactor!

Doing yoga
64 000 SEK/year

Guardian level achieved - you want to enable Game Habitat to do even more, to take the next step towards creating the best environment for game developers!

Ready to join the family?

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Our members


Our biggest supporters, that makes a significant contribution, allowing us to do more and reach higher.


Our friends, patrons, and benefactors.

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