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Kick-start your studio in Haven

Are you ready to try out your own game ideas, in your own game studio? Then the Game Habitat Haven in Malmö is for you!

Our Haven is designed to get newly founded game studios up to speed on all the things running a game studio entails. We are not going to tell you how to build your game - we believe you already possess those skills - we instead help you with the rest. Basically, our Haven provides you with experts and peers that support you in getting the best possible start for your new game studio.

Haven is a bunch of new friends here to help you succeed. Haven aims to help you build a sustainable future for your studio so that you can build your own games for as long as you like. As every journey to reach that goal is unique, we start each new Haven participant off with an onboarding process where we together decide the specific goals for your participation.

Applications for Haven closes July 17.

Applicants will be evaluated on four parameters: Commercial potential, artistic potential, ambitions and mindset, and diversity representation.

Six studios selected for participation will be notified in August. The first Haven is open September to December 2024.


What you get

  • Access to experienced business coaches
  • Be part of a community of game studio founders
  • Participate in knowledge modules on market research, team composition, production planning, business establishment, pitching, strategic planning, and more
  • Access to investors, publishers
  • Office space at Minc
  • A mentor

In other words, an improved chance for a sustainable future for your studio so that you can build your own games for as long as you like.


Requirements for participation

  • Have a company, or an intent to start a company, registered in Sweden
  • Be able to spend on average 50% of a full time employment in onsite activities for the duration of the Haven
  • Must be able to physically attend sessions in Malmö
  • Team size cannot exceed six people
  • 3 150 SEK/month, costs for an office at Minc
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What Haven is

We created a haven, specifically designed for experienced game developers that are just starting out creating their own game studio.

Haven is a safe place to take your first major steps in creating your own game studio. With Haven we aim to lower the barrier of starting your own studio. Sure, it's a lot of work and can seem daunting and overwhelming. But it's not only totally doable, most of the time it's also amazingly fun!

Apart from getting access to experts and knowledge, and getting industry connections, in Haven, you're surrounded by peers. Starting your own studio is hard work, but it's easier when you have other founders who are in the very same position as yourself, doing the same things as you, to talk to. Haven allows you to join a new supportive niche community.

An important success factor for Haven is that it's totally exempt from competition between participants. There is plenty of opportunities for all to thrive, and participants have everything to gain in working together and supporting one another.

When applying for Haven, you should have just started your own studio, or be about to. You should also have a concrete idea of the game you want to make, and ideally you've started doing some work. Ideally, you've also found the team to do it with. Applying for Haven could however very well be the catalyst for you doing all those things. What you absolutely should have though, is solid knowledge of how to build games.

Haven is a joint collaboration between Game Habitat and Minc. Being in the midst of the Swedish games industry, Game Habitat is perfectly placed to support new game studios with all game studio specific issues, while Minc's expertise is top-of-the-line for all things general business development.

Partners to Haven are WINGS and Nyföretagarcenter Syd.

In Malmö, of course

Malmö, Sweden, is one of Europe's leading game development cities. Malmö is home to a thriving, inclusive game development community renowned for its world-class talent, games, and studios. Games made in the region have been played by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Plus, Malmö is a great place to live.

1 community
One of Europe's largest game development communities
1,700+ devs
Plus hundreds of freelancers, students, and hobbyists
80+ studios
And another 70+ in the surrounding region
350k people
Malmö is small, so you will bump into game devs around town

Game developers come to Malmö from all around the globe. They come for the work, but they stay for the community and quality of life. Malmö provides a great foundation to grow your game studio, and it's cheap to live and run a business here. Haven is a great start to kick-start your journey.

Who we are

Game Habitat

Game Habitat is the game development community organization in south Sweden. Our vision is to enable the best environment for game development, meaning, the world’s most diverse, inclusive and supportive ecosystem, and a thriving games industry producing world-class games.


Minc is a European leading startup house. We guide entrepreneurs to success in a faster and smarter way. We offer business development, a co-working space in a creative and network based environment, and a worldwide network of contacts, including business angels and investors.

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